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Re: apply to NM? ha!

Russell Coker wrote:
<helen_ml_faulkner@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
Ahh, it's the "I can deal with it therefore it's OK" line.  What if
there is another solution?  Are you even prepared to consider that
That's not the issue. The issue is that there are many stressful situations in life and adults have to be able to deal with them.

One of the ways of dealing with them is avoiding them. There are many people who live full, happy lives who have dealt with the particular stresses of crime by avoiding it rather than dealing with it head on. Do we want people to avoid Debian because it's unduly stressful? If I'm not mistaken, Rusty has chosen to avoid this forum because it's overly stressful and unproductive, in spite of his fairly thick skin [0].

Another way of dealing with stressful situations is to try to make them easier to deal with in future; which not only helps you (at least in the long term, though rarely in the short), it also helps everyone else who'll be in a similar position in the future.

Btw, speaking of unproductive, have you looked at your posts over the past few months? Two on SELinux, two trying to give up fcron, 16 on spamcop (well, nominally; six were about spam, the other 10 were about Bush and killing people), 25 on sex and bestiality and rape and what not as part of the hot-babe thread, three on initrd/lvm/devfs, and another six in this thread about how everything's perfectly fine. That's, what, 10 on topic messages, 12 messages meta-ontopic, and 35 messages that were completely off-topic, and at best on highly controversial subjects, if not being outright offensive.

Seriously, could you please refrain from driving a car if you can't deal with such stress,

Sure, but part of dealing with stress on the roads is having most people indicate before they swerve into your lane, and even having agreed upon sides of the road to drive on. And for that matter, having traffic lights and pedestrian crossings so the people who don't want to drive can still participate safely.

By contrast, no matter how little you choose to participate in Debian, you can pretty easily find yourself in a metaphorical game of chicken with a Mac truck bearing down on you.

What would you prefer:
1) - a community where people are pleasant to each other, where
disagreements are discussed politely, and where people who are unable to
be civil are not glorified for their behaviour.
This isn't too far from the situation we have.

Really? A moment ago you were saying that flaming a polite, competent coder was a respectable way to become famous.

People who do the work are generally civil to each other.

Really? Most people wouldn't call "Your arrogance is remarkable." a particularly civil comment; except in so far that you consider anything that doesn't involve into a fist fight as civil behaviour. Which of you and Marc Haber don't do any work?

How about "Anyway, it's clear that trying to discuss thing swith you is a pointless excercise in frustration, [...]" ? Is it you or Miles Bader who doesn't do any work?

In any case, mere civility is a woefully low bar to set. Is there really some reason Debian shouldn't be an absolute pleasure to be involved in, ubiquitously and continually? Perhaps we can't hope to never receive nasty comments from outsiders, but is there any particular reason we can't make our development forums technical, productive, kind, and generous?

PS You really should talk to some mothers about the stress involved with raising children. Most reports make raising children sound about a million times more difficult than dealing with flames.

Of course, raising children is also probably a billion times more rewarding than developing Debian, too; well at least assuming proportional hyperbole. In any case, that still doesn't provide any justification for failing to even attempt to reduce the stress involved in working on Debian; certainly a lot of effort goes into helping people reduce the stress in raising kids.


[0] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2002/04/msg00191.html

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