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Re: apply to NM? ha!

El Sábado 29 Enero 2005 22:47, Helen Faulkner escribió:
> Ahh, it's the "I can deal with it therefore it's OK" line.  What if
> there is another solution?  Are you even prepared to consider that
> possibility?
> What would you prefer:
> 1) - a community where people are pleasant to each other, where
> disagreements are discussed politely, and where people who are unable to
> be civil are not glorified for their behaviour.
> or
> 2) - a community where people are often unpleasant to each other because
> such behaviour is not only tolerated but actively rewarded, where
> disagreements often reduce to shouting matches that alienate some whose
> opinions might be valuable, and where people who don't like this and
> express that are criticised for suggesting that we lose something
> because of this and that maybe things could be different and better.

I totally agree with Helen.

If some of you enjoy to receive unpolite emails or insults, maybe we should 
create debian-devel-masoquist and you can subscribe there.



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