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Re: Urgent

Selon Frank Küster <frank@debian.org>:

> So you think spam is the revenge for colionalism? Lucky Germans, we.
> Namibian scam, anybody?

Hum... From your signature I guess you are from Switzerland and do not know a
lot about german history, but you should know that at a time in history Germany
had colonialized part of Africa. I hesitated in adding a note to avoid this slip
in the discussion, and I certainly do not want to see here why there is no more
german colony today.

History is past, do not waken this please. Some wounds have already been
refreshed this week and this is enough.


Francois BOTTIN
    "How kind," the PFY sighs. "But where will I go?"
    "Somewhere where they know nothing about computing...
where they wouldn't know a RAM chip from a potato chip!"
    "But I don't want to visit Microsoft!" he whines.
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