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Re: Depends: and commands used in maintainer scripts

Joel Aelwyn writes:
> Because policy, unlike RFCs, does not use normative declarations such as
> SHOULD and MUST...

>From debian-policy:
   In the normative part of this manual, the words must, should and may, and
   the adjectives required, recommended and optional, are used to
   distinguish the significance of the various guidelines in this policy
   document. Packages that do not conform to the guidelines denoted by must
   (or required) will generally not be considered acceptable for the Debian
   distribution. Non-conformance with guidelines denoted by should (or
   recommended) will generally be considered a bug, but will not
   necessarily render a package unsuitable for distribution. Guidelines
   denoted by may (or optional) are truly optional and adherence is left to
   the maintainer's discretion.
John Hasler

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