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Re: Bug#292299: ITP: policyrcd -- policy-compliant interface from invoke-rc.d to local config files

On Jan 26, 2005 at 09:59, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh praised the llamas by saying:
> On Wed, 26 Jan 2005, David Pashley wrote:
> > > Since there are at least two packages containing their own version of
> > > invoke-rc.d, having a search path policy for policy-rc.d can be
> > > messy and is prone to be unstructured and uncoordinated.
> No, it is not. invoke-rc.d *HAS* to be coordinated, and implemented by every
> initscript system.   The maintainers of these packages are well aware of
> that fact.
> The better fix IS to add an extra line to both incarnations of invoke-rc.d
> (sysv-rc's and file-rc's) to look under /usr/local/sbin first.
> > It seems a bit excessive having a package for just one script. Is there
> > not another package this could go in instead?
> No.  Either it has to go on a package of its own, or it has to have the
> functionality folded into file-rc and sysv-rc.
Then I suggest a patch is submitted to both file-rc and sysv-rc.

David Pashley
Nihil curo de ista tua stulta superstitione.

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