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Re: Bug#292299: ITP: policyrcd -- policy-compliant interface from invoke-rc.d to local config files

On Wed, 26 Jan 2005, David Pashley wrote:
> > Since there are at least two packages containing their own version of
> > invoke-rc.d, having a search path policy for policy-rc.d can be
> > messy and is prone to be unstructured and uncoordinated.

No, it is not. invoke-rc.d *HAS* to be coordinated, and implemented by every
initscript system.   The maintainers of these packages are well aware of
that fact.

The better fix IS to add an extra line to both incarnations of invoke-rc.d
(sysv-rc's and file-rc's) to look under /usr/local/sbin first.

> It seems a bit excessive having a package for just one script. Is there
> not another package this could go in instead?

No.  Either it has to go on a package of its own, or it has to have the
functionality folded into file-rc and sysv-rc.

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