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Re: scripts to download porn in Debian?

Scripsit Sam Watkins <swatkins@fastmail.fm>

> There is a difference between a general tool (web-browser) and a
> specific tool (the Sexy Losers script).  The script is specifically
> designed to download a hard-core pornographic comic.

FWIW, Sexy Losers is not "hard-core pornographic". It does contain
drawings of genitals and various sexual acts, and more often than not
relies on taboo breaking for its points, but at the end of the day
what it attempts to provoke in the reader is not sexual arousal but
humorous amusement. This should be obvious to anyone who cares to sit
down and actually read a couple dozen strips. Therefore it cannot
reasonably be described as "porn", although one would probably be
justified in calling it "offensive" due to the general taboo breaking.

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