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scripts to download porn in Debian? [was: Re: RFS: dosage -- powerful webcomic downloader / archiver]

There is a difference between a general tool (web-browser) and a
specific tool (the Sexy Losers script).  The script is specifically
designed to download a hard-core pornographic comic.

I'm not saying it's a "bad" comic, just that this material should not be
associated with Debian.  We might as well provide scripts to download
hentai, or hard-core photography.

Dosage / mainline has a feature to download all supported comics, so it
is quite possible for someone (perhaps a child) to stumble across this
one by accident, as I did.  Probably nearly everyone who tries dosage
will want to see the range of comics available.

Tristan said there are several adult comics supported by dosage.  This
may be true, however I think Sexy Losers is much much more problematic
than the others.  "Hot babe" is really tame in comparision.

If you merely look at the titles of the strips at
http://www.sexylosers.com/strips.html maybe you will see what I mean.

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