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Re: Release update: --> What is primary local type for X and console


I am happy to hear release is coming soon.  Also new gnome and KDE
desktop are coming to shape.  At the same time, I saw many new Desktop
tasks are set up to support many localized desktop and localized

But I am lost on where to find the policy behind setting these localized
environment?  I would like to know where these choices of localization
tasks are coordinated and who is driving them.


Followings are background of my question:

In my honest feeling, default choice by the task selection should give
 * Linux console should have C or one of ??_??.ISO-8859-1.
 * X should be started with one of the ??_??.UTF-8 or C.

Other choices are possible but not so practical these days.

New Desktop task choice for softwares seems to point us to set UTF-8
environment for X.  (After all we use UTF-8 installer)

Although language-env was great tool for woody which used non UTF-8 for
X, its focus is to set X console in the traditional encoding.  It is not
so helpful setting up UTF-8 X system. (Correct me if I am wrong here)

My m17n-env package gives easy access to UTF-8 X system. (Works with
KDE, XFce, Gnome, OO, ...).  KDE needs SCIM support if KDE and CJK are
used which has not happened.  Problem of this m17n-envpackage is that it
has not been tested by many people except the user of SCIM input method
packages.  (CJK and Arabic, Hebrew, Iranian, Indian language speakers
are the client of this SCIM suite of packages.)

I know sarge was not meant to be UTF-8 desktop release but delay of
release brought us almost perfect capability for UTF-8 desktop now.

(Default GDM can select locale by menu.  So it is trivial to set up if
we only talk languages which uses simple keyboard input method only.)


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