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Re: Do all frontends use the dpkg binary?

* Kevin Mark 

| In my quest to log package installation, I wrote a wrapper script for
| dpkg. I 'mv dpkg dpkg.real' and 'vi dpkg' with a wrapper[0]. When I use
| aptitude and apt-get, these commands seem to call dpkg for all of there
| package installation and query needs. Do others (wajig,feta,...)
| use '/usr/bin/dpkg' for installing packages or do they use a library?

There is no libdpkg yet, so they all use the dpkg binary.  If not,
they are messing around with dpkg's internal data, something which
they shouldn't.

| Also, is there a way to avoid a dpkg upgrade overwriting /usr/bin/dpkg
| and (IIRC) divert /usr/bin/dpkg -> /usr/bin/dpkg.real, so that I dont
| have to remember to redo this step?

dpkg-divert, as others have said.

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