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Re: Is Daniel Lutz MIA?

On Sat, Jan 22, 2005 at 02:26:48PM +0100, Jeroen van Wolffelaar wrote:
> Firstly, if you mail about someone on a public list, it is polite to
> cc the person in question. Especially since google might start to show
> your very message soonishly in its results.

Now you mentioned it, indeed I should have remembered to cc Daniel.
Hopefully this would not cause too much discomfort on his part, since I
had already emailed him in private before (and received no reply yet).

> Secondly, yes, I've been informed that there was not many acitivity
> lately, but didn't yet follow up. I'll do so soon.
> If you want to privately notify someone about suspected inactivity,
> you can do so via mia@qa.debian.org.

Could you explain these two bits?  (No, this is a serious question.)  I
was following Section 7.4 of the developer's reference, and private
notification of suspected inactivity through mia@qa.debian.org is not
listed anywhere in that section.  Contacting QA is supposed to be the
final step after you have looked at his packages, inquired on -devel and
such to make sure that the developer is indeed missing.

What happens after a message is sent to mia@qa.debian.org?  You
mentioned that you will follow up soon, and what is your (or QA's) role
in this procedure?

And finally, are there plans to update the Developer's Reference to
reflect this change in standard procedure?


Chuan-kai Lin

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