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Re: NPTL support in 2.4 kernel series?

Kurt Roeckx wrote:

What is the problem with linuxthread?  Are there some problems
linuxthreads cause that go away when using NPTL?

Upstream is switching to NPTL for performance reasons and because it allows them to clean up a lot of their threading code. Currently there is still support for linuxthread on i386, but it is likely to go away in one of the next releases.

Anyway, the package currently only supports i386, so I don't see
a problem with using linuxthread for now.  Please make sure that
you then atleast prevent it from using NPTL.

That is what I am doing already. Apart from that, I am working on packages for amd64 and ia64. If everything works out, I should have the first version in sid within the next couple of weeks.


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