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Re: [CFH] Please test new dpatch in experimental

> > The other new feature, which in my optionion would need more testing (I
> > tested the other one as much as I could, but this other I can't. At
> > least, not easily). So, the second new feature is the --debianonly
> > option. This is for trees that consist only of a debian/ directory. The
> > original tarball will be searched for in the parent directory, and if
> > not found, dpatch-edit-patch tries to download it from the network
> > (using debian/watch and curl, or apt-get source). This is interesting
> > for those who only store the debian/ part of their packages under
> > revision control.
> Please also look in .svn/deb-layout for a line like:
> origDir=/home/inet/debian/dev/tarballs
> That would be the most probable location for the orig tarball.

Done in the arch repo, thanks!

For interested parties, the patch is attached.

Gergely Nagy
--- orig/dpep/dpatch-edit-patch.functions
+++ mod/dpep/dpatch-edit-patch.functions
@@ -233,6 +233,9 @@
       DPEP_ORIGTARGZ="$(readlink -f "../$ORIGTARGZ")"
     elif [ -n "${DPEP_ORIGTARDIR}" ] && [ -f "${DPEP_ORIGTARDIR}/${ORIGTAGZ}" ]; then
       DPEP_ORIGTARGZ="$(readlink -f "${DPEP_ORIGTARDIR}/${ORIGTAGZ}")"
+    elif [ -f ".svn/deb-layout" ]; then
+      DPEP_ORIGTARGZ="$(readlink -f "$(cat .svn/deb-layout | sed -e "s,^origDir=,,")/${ORIGTARGZ}")"
+      return 0
     elif [ -f "debian/watch" -a -x $(which curl) ]; then
       if curl "$(< debian/watch sed -n "/^\\(http\\|ftp\\)/{s/^\\([^(]\\+\\)([^)]*)\\([^ ]*\\).*/\\1${UPSTREAMVERSION}\\2/;s/\\\\//g;p;q;}")" > ../$ORIGTARGZ; then
         DPEP_ORIGTARGZ="$(readlink -f "../$ORIGTARGZ")"

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