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[CFH] Please test new dpatch in experimental


I've uploaded a new dpatch into experimental, with two new interesting
features in dpatch-edit-patch (thanks to Marc Haber) that I would like
to subject to extensive testing before I upload the package to unstable.
The package is available from both http://incoming.debian.org/ and
http://dpatch.alioth.debian.org/. It should hit the mirrors with the
next pulse.

As for the new features, the first - and probably less problematic one -
is that dpatch-edit-patch's default behaviour was changed slightly.
Before, it cleaned the source tree before copying it to a temporary
location. Now it does not do that. It copies the tree as-is, and cleans
the copied, temporary tree. This is very handy when one regularily works
on a half- or fully-built tree, and does not want to clean that.
However, the drawback is, that this way far more data gets copied, and
that might be slow. Therefore a --clean option is provided that restores
the old behaviour.

The other new feature, which in my optionion would need more testing (I
tested the other one as much as I could, but this other I can't. At
least, not easily). So, the second new feature is the --debianonly
option. This is for trees that consist only of a debian/ directory. The
original tarball will be searched for in the parent directory, and if
not found, dpatch-edit-patch tries to download it from the network
(using debian/watch and curl, or apt-get source). This is interesting
for those who only store the debian/ part of their packages under
revision control.

So, that's it! I believe these two are important usability features, so
I'd like to ask all you dpatch-edit-patch users to test this carefully,
so when it gets uploaded into unstable in a few weeks, all remaining
bugs (if any) will be ironed out already.

Thanks in advance,
 Gergely Nagy
/\ /\
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