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see with URL support or agnostic konqueror?


I'm maintaining the freemind package and currently 'sensible-browser' is used to open links (which are always absolute, either file:/... or http, ftp, whatever). It works well for remote links (http etc.) but is not the best solution for file: links, if a true browser is behind sensible-browser. 'see' would be a better solution because it handles file types properly, but it doesn't understand URL notation and doesn't handle remote links.
konqueror would handle everything well but is not so nice for non-KDE users.

My best guess currently would be a small wrapper script that calls 'see' for file: links (removing the file: prefix), and 'sensible-browser' for all other kind of links. Not very difficult but I have the feeling this must have been needed by others as well.

So my questions:
- is there already an "agnostic" utility that does this kind of thing?
- would the 'mime-support' maintainer be interested in adding URL handling to the 'see' utility? (would this be at all a good idea?)

Thanks, Eric

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