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Re: [Pre-RFA] Intending to drop twenty-some packages

On Saturday, 15 de January de 2005 18:51, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:
> * the Octave complex
>   - octave2.0 (to be removed once sarge is release; frozen upstream ages
> ago; one bug that'll never get fixed, we can barely build it as it requires
> g++ pre-3.0)
>   - octave2.1 (two minor bugs against the emacs mode, one other bug)
>   - octave-forge (pretty active and by now pretty large with many
>          build-depends; very well maintained upstream by Paul Kienzle)
>   - semidef-oct (needs rebuilds with every octave2.1 build)
>   - octave-matcompat (predecessor to octave-forge, can be removed soon)
>   - octave-ci (large chunks of it now in octave-forge and octave2.1)
>   - octave-epstk (active upstream)
>   - matwrap (dead upstream)
>   - inline-octave (Perl package, see above)
>   I have tried to unload this onto Rafael for a few years now, but he can't
>   take Octave either.  This may be best served by a maintainer group via
>   alioth, and I could be persuaded to help. But I can't set up such a group
>   or lead it, for lack of time.
>   Octave has an outstanding author in John Eaton with whom I have worked
>   very well over the years.  The same can be said of Paul Kienzle for
>   octave-forge.

I use Octave and I'm interested on maintaining it, with a team if possible.
Are there anyone else interested on it?

Best regards

Isaac Clerencia <isaac@warp.es>

Warp Networks         http://www.warp.es
María de Luna 11, 50018 Zaragoza, Spain

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