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Re: [Fwd: Re: status of the DDTP project?]

Em 9/1/2005, "Jeroen van Wolffelaar" <jeroen@wolffelaar.nl> escreveu:
>> ...
>It seems there are enough people who want to help, but, which are debian
>developers? Could you, or anybody else, maybe try to find out who are
>As with any project, it's always better if it's a team effort in stead
>of a personal effort. Once some people are found, some work can be done.

The brazilian team of the DDTP wants help. I'm the coordinator of the
team, but I'm not debian developer. I'm sending emails to debian-devel
representing the team. Fred Maranhao was the last coordinator of the

>Meanwhile, I agree mail is important. What address(es) exactly are
>failing? It looks like coors@ddtp.debian.org and webmaster@ etc are all
>deliverd to a group of people. A number of other addresses are fed into
>scripts, I could look into that, but don't know what exactly is failing
>or how it is supposed to work.

The address with problems is pdesc@ddtp.debian.org. The translators and
reviewers of the DDTP sends emails with specifics subjects and the server
sents specific replies to each subject. For example:

If I send an email with the subject "STATUS pt_BR", the reply is an
email with the following message:

Stats for pt_BR from pdesc
descriptions                             19666
up-to-date descriptions                  11545
translated descriptions                   4690
orphan descriptions                        330
descriptions with 0 reviewer(s)            190
descriptions with 1 reviewer(s)            818
descriptions with 2 reviewer(s)             66
descriptions with 3 reviewer(s)            917
reviewed descriptions                     2699
packages sent                             1546
translated parts                         10643
translated pparts                        13809
bug reports                               9680
open bug reports                           366

The problem with the ddtp is that the server isn't sending replies to the
messages and the translators and reviewers haven't feedback about the

In http://ddtp.debian.org/new/how_it_works/ddts.en.html, there are
about DDTP and the available comands.

I already sent messages to *@ddtp.debia.org but nobody sent replies to me.

Can you help the DDTP?

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