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Re: soname number in name of dev-package?

* Henning Makholm (henning@makholm.net) wrote:
> In summary: Yes, one could probably work around the lack of versions
> in the -dev packages name, but the result would be (in my view)
> significantly less elegant than having it there.

Trying to support unsupported versions of libraries is decidely worse.

If the API changes in an incompatible way then *fix* the things which
use the library to use the new API.  Users aren't affected- the old,
already compiled package, works fine against the lib it depends on, the
new package will fail when trying to build against the new API and the
maintainer will notice this and (I'd imagine) not upload until it's been

We're not aiming to support every API ever developed; APIs generally
change for a reason.


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