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We are a small company from Romania - AMS Software -
that produces multimedia software.We made a
programming language, especially created to make
multimedia applications, called MPL (Multimedia
Programming Language). The main advantage of this
project is that MPL applications runs on all the
platforms for which MPL was ported, without any change
of the application source.

We think that our project could be useful to the
opensource communidty and that's why we ask you to
make an evaluation to it.

The project web page is: http://www.mplanguage.as.ro

Because MPL was created using opensource soft, we
considered that it would be fair to get in touch with
this community to decide the future of this project.

We would like MPL to be distributed with GPL license,
but, at the same time, we don't want this action to
get us in to bankruptcy (as we said earlier, we are a
small firm, with a small capital).

We ask you, again, to make an evaluation of our
project and to answer with an e-mail if you are
interested in a possible collaboration.

	AMS Software, ROMANIA.

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