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Re: RunDinstallHourly

* Steve Langasek 

| There are really very few concrete benefits I can see to increasing the
| dinstall frequency, but one in particular is to speed up debian-installer
| testing.  Most other bugs don't require a full dinstall cycle to give people
| a good idea whether they've been fixed, but the installer builds out of the
| archive, which means that verifying the fixes for certain bugs *does*
| require a dinstall pulse followed by a d-i and CD build.  So stepping this
| up to a higher frequency than once a day can help here, but stepping it up
| so that dinstalls happen more frequently than CD builds can be completed
| does not.

FWIW, our experiences with Ubuntu shows that having fast dinstall
cycles is very helpful.  You can sit and codevelop with people
uploading to the archive as you go and letting other people in on what
you are doing rather than having private repositories or similar
solutions.  It's a variant of the «release often, release early»

The downside of doing this is the extra load on the autobuilder
network, so Debian might not want to do it because of that.

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