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Re: RunDinstallHourly

Steve Langasek wrote:
> And it's not like users want more frequent updates, either.  Once a day is
> plenty often to be fiddling with apt-get; many sid users don't update nearly
> that often, after all.

But we still get good coverage of each set of changes distriuted amoung
our users even if most of them update only weekly. I expect this would
stay the same if dinstall ran more often.

> There are really very few concrete benefits I can see to increasing the
> dinstall frequency

Besides d-i, the one case that I'm pretty sure of is the one where a
maintainer uploads a buggy package and finds out during that same
wake-cycle that it's broken. So instead of sitting on #debian-devel
playing tetrinet all evening while his package waits to break things the
next day (when he'll be off on vacation), he's able to fix it right
then. We've potentially wrung more work out of this volenteer, without
really bothering him at all, and spread across the project as a whole I
do think that would speed up the overall pace of development.

see shy jo

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