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Re: New stable version after Sarge

Florian Weimer wrote:
> > Re: Paul van der Vlis in <[🔎] 41DA9CC1.1080509@vandervlis.nl>
> >> You will understand that my most important point is security-support.
> >
> > ...which Debian provides for its stable distribution at any time, even
> > if the last stable release was ages ago.
> Where is the security support for woody's version of Mozilla, Samba
> and PHP?

Mozilla is a nightmare nobody can support - sadly.
Samba is security-supported, the fix is pending though, but will be
    released soon.
PHP is security supported and Debian is not vulnerable to the real
    vulnerabilities (CAN-2004-1019 and CAN-2004-1065), problems
    caused by faulty scripts are not considered an issue (and we'd
    have to issue a PHP updated every second day otherwise).

I can only hope that the situation with Mozilla, Firefox, Galeon,
Thunderbird and $whatnot will be better in sarge, but I have doubts.



PS: http://www.debian.org/security/nonvulns-woody#CAN-2004-1019

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