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Re: DDTP problems

Is there anybody with some sugestion to correct the problems? :(

Who is the responsible to administer the ddtp.debian.org?

Notice that there are people wanting to enter in project (See email sent
by Serafeim Zanikolas) and can't, because the server still is with


Em 4/1/2005, "Sam Watkins" <swatkins@fastmail.fm> escreveu:

>A few days ago, Daniel Batista has posted about a problem with an
>automatic email system on a ddtp.debian.org which is stuffing up the
>Debian Descriptions Translation Project:
>On Mon, Dec 27, 2004 at 11:02:29PM -0300, Daniel Mac?do Batista wrote:
>> The replies depend of the subject in the email. For example: If I send an
>> email to pdesc@ddtp.debian.org with subject "STATUS", the reply must
>> be an email with the body like this:
>> Stats from new db:
>> Descriptions:                       10692
>> up-to-date Descriptions:             7909
>> Translated Descriptions:             2672
>> In http://ddtp.debian.org/new/how_it_works/translators.en.html#faq-1
>> there is more examples.
>> I try a lot of subjects but don't get reply.
>> >> 1-) What's the relevance of the DDTP to the Debian? The work must
>> >> continue?
>> >
>> >I was not aware of the Debian Description Translation Project, but it
>> >sounds very much essential to make Debian accessible to people who don't
>> >speak English.
>> >
>> >> 2-) How and when the problem related by Michael Bramer ("I write some
>> >> mails to debian-admin (for cvs access etc.) and never get a reply")
>> >> can be solved?
>> >
>> >Perhaps several of you could write again.
>> Can you help us?
>Sorry for the delay, Daniel.
>Can someone else please comment on this?
>What should we do - post to debian-admin again?
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