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Re: DDTP problems

A few days ago, Daniel Batista has posted about a problem with an
automatic email system on a ddtp.debian.org which is stuffing up the
Debian Descriptions Translation Project:

On Mon, Dec 27, 2004 at 11:02:29PM -0300, Daniel Mac?do Batista wrote:
> The replies depend of the subject in the email. For example: If I send an
> email to pdesc@ddtp.debian.org with subject "STATUS", the reply must
> be an email with the body like this:
> Stats from new db:
> Descriptions:                       10692
> up-to-date Descriptions:             7909
> Translated Descriptions:             2672
> In http://ddtp.debian.org/new/how_it_works/translators.en.html#faq-1
> there is more examples.
> I try a lot of subjects but don't get reply.
> >> 1-) What's the relevance of the DDTP to the Debian? The work must
> >> continue?
> >
> >I was not aware of the Debian Description Translation Project, but it
> >sounds very much essential to make Debian accessible to people who don't
> >speak English.
> >
> >> 2-) How and when the problem related by Michael Bramer ("I write some
> >> mails to debian-admin (for cvs access etc.) and never get a reply")
> >> can be solved?
> >
> >Perhaps several of you could write again.
> Can you help us?

Sorry for the delay, Daniel.

Can someone else please comment on this?

What should we do - post to debian-admin again?


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