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Re: Print Alternative

Em Qui, 2005-01-06 às 23:39 -0500, Hubert Chan escreveu:
> Which is sort of stupid, because if you have cupsys-bsd installed, you
> get /usr/bin/lpr too.  And someone could make /etc/alternatives/print
> point to that.  There must be some better way of detecting which system
> is being used.  e.g. checking the presence of /etc/cups
> Is it just me, or is this the wrong way to use alternatives?  lpr and lp
> have very different command line syntaxes.  Especially for important
> things like selecting which printer to print to.  Something like that
> shouldn't be handled by alternatives.

I completely agree with your point, that's why I brought them up in the
first place.

Checking for /etc/cups is no better way of checking for this, anyway.
Think of cups installed together with lpr, or cupsys being removed but
not purged, or even cupsys being purged but the admin left some files
in /etc/cups.

> Eh.  If you have more than one spooling daemon installed, then it's not
> clear what the tool should do.  Better to make a config file that says
> which system to configure.  Or just configure all of them.

But then you may end up configuring a printing daemon which no
application is going to use =D.

> Besides, everyone should be using CUPS anyways, right? ;-)

Right! =D Using cups and conflicting with everyone else is a good way to
go ;).


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