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avoid being built against libflac-dev 1.1.1-1, and upload soon


  you receive this mail because one of your packages depends of
  libflac4. See the list below. I've decided to send this mail after
  talking to the maintainer of one of these packages and learning that
  he wasn't aware of the issue. I hope you find this information useful.

  Recently, flac 1.1.1-1 was uploaded to unstable. This version of FLAC
  introduced a new soname for the library, namely, libFLAC.so.6; as
  usual, this library was to be provided in a new package libflac6, but
  unfortunately a packaging error made libFLAC.so.6 end up in the
  libflac4=1.1.1-1 package.

  This was promptly corrected by the flac maintainer, and all is fixed
  in the 1.1.1-3 version (picked by today's dinstall). However, the
  unfortunate incident has left an unusable version of libflac4 package
  in the archive.

  If libflac4 1.1.1-1 hadn't existed ever (as it was intended), there
  would have been no breakage and packages could have been recompiled at
  a slow pace since libflac4 1.1.0-11 would have remained in the archive
  for a while. This has not been the case, and any user who installed
  the bogus 1.1.1-1 libflac4 package is left with unusable applications.

  What to do?

    Please consider uploading a new version of your package in the
    following days. This is specially important in the case of packages
    that are the cause of indirect dependencies on libflac4 (e.g.,

    libflac4 (which is, anyway, broken) will be removed from the archive
    soon, and that will immediately warrant an serious bug on the
    affected packages. Consider uploading ASAP, with a proper versioned
    build-dependency on libflac-dev (>= 1.1.1-3), to help our users and
    other packagers.

    (As for users, easiest fix is to fetch libflac4 1.1.0-11 from any
    mirror --it is in testing--, and install and hold that. There is an
    other workaround being spread, involving symlinks, but it _may_
    break some apps.)


    If you're on the attached list, but do also build-depend on any
    binary package provided by a source package on the list too, you
    must wait for the build-depended package to be uploaded first, and
    should properly version that Build-Dependency too.

    This will be certainly be the case for packages marked with 'No' in
    the 'B-D on libflac-dev' column, though that is no necessary
    condition (e.g., kdemultimedia depend both in libflac-dev *and*


  List of affected packages

    Package               Source          B-D on libflac-dev
    alsaplayer-common     alsaplayer              Yes
    arson                 arson                   Yes
    cynthiune.app         cynthiune.app           Yes
    easytag               easytag                 Yes
    gstreamer0.8-flac     gst-plugins0.8          Yes
    gstreamer-flac        gst-plugins             Yes
    hydrogen              hydrogen                Yes
    kdemult.-kio-plugins  kdemultimedia           Yes
    akode                 kdemultimedia           Yes
    juk                   kdemultimedia           Yes
    LA-mod-musicindex(*)  LA-mod-musicindex       Yes
    LA-mod-musicindex     LA-mod-musicindex       Yes
    libsdl-sound1.2       libsdl-sound1.2         Yes
    libtunepimp1          libtunepimp             Yes
    libtunepimp2          libtunepimp             Yes
    libtunepimp-bin       libtunepimp             Yes
    mpd                   mpd                     Yes
    muine                 muine                   Yes
    rezound               rezound                 Yes
    scummvm               scummvm                 Yes
    timidity              timidity                Yes
    vlc                   vlc                     Yes

    amarok                amarok                  No
    kwave                 kwave                   No
    vorbis-tools          vorbis-tools            No

      (*) LA stands for 'libapache'

Adeodato Simó
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