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Re: ndiswrapper should be in contrib

Roberto Sanchez wrote:
 From the policy manual:

2.2.2 The contrib section

Every package in contrib and non-US/contrib must comply with the DFSG.

In addition, the packages in contrib and non-US/contrib

    * must not be so buggy that we refuse to support them, and
    * must meet all policy requirements presented in this manual.

Furthermore, packages in contrib must not require a package in a non-US
section for compilation or execution.

Examples of packages which would be included in contrib or
non-US/contrib are:

    * free packages which require contrib, non-free packages or packages
which are not in our archive at all for compilation or execution, and
    * wrapper packages or other sorts of free accessories for non-free

"wrapper" is even in the name.  It's only useful function is to
facilitate the use of a non-free program.

Replying to myself here.  I just read some newer messages in the thread.
I retract my statement, as I was unaware of free drivers that could be
used in conjunction with ndiswrapper.

-Roberto Sanchez

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