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Re: Ignoring the truth or Hiding problems? (was: Are mails sent toxxxx <at> buildd.debian.org sent to /dev/null ?)

Marc Haber dijo [Thu, Jan 06, 2005 at 09:01:07AM +0100]:
> >When Joerg Jaspert is already doing the dirty daily work, why does James
> >still needs in place then? (Except he just stays in that position for a
> >transitional period until Joerg is taking over that task and job completely.
> >I would recommend that transitional period for other positions as well.)
> If James doesn't hinder Jörg in doing his work, I don't see a problem
> with him staying in place. Frankly, the only problem I could see would
> be James denying applicants faster than Jörg could approve them, but
> that is (a) unlikely to happen and (b) likely to be solved swiftly.

Dont worry, Jörg is perfectly capable not only of approving, but also
of denying applicants. He does not need James' help for that ;-)

Jörg was my AM. Most NMs pass through the set of questions that he
prepared, even if they have a different AM. I know he can get quite
tough... And I completely trust his ability for this.


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