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Re: New stable version after Sarge

Wouter Verhelst(wouter@debian.org)@2005-01-05 13:46:
> That's how testing started off. We stopped doing this because
> a) it at one point stalled glibc; as a result, nothing moved to
> testing
>    anymore, and when it finally did, the changes were so dramatic
>    that
>    testing was broken for quite some time.

Hmmm .. I didnt know that testing was originally a non-RC distribution
although I have heard of the glibc pain.

> b) Some RC bugs are only discovered when they migrate to testing. If
> the
>    promise of 'prestable' would be that it would contain NO RC BUGS,
>    then we would have to throw those out. That would likely result
> in
>    prestable being a very incomplete system.

ahh .. I take your point. What about the idea of identifying a list of
release essential (RE) packages? Is that the mechanism actually used
to determine the relase point when testing is frozen?

Forgive me if I tread a well worn path, I was not involved with Debian
when woody was released so this is my first experience with a release.


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