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Re: New stable version after Sarge

Marcelo E. Magallon wrote:
 [0] Besides learning that there is still people in this world who seem
     to think that feminism is actually a solution to something.  I am
     still amazed by that one.

Thankyou for reminding us all, by demonstration, that the problems feminism tries to solve still exist within Debian :)

I suspect that you are using a very narrow definition of "feminism" here. Your comment is insulting to people who are working to fix such problems as sexist language in Debian webpages and sexist behaviour on Debian IRC channels, let alone the more subtle and complex things that some of us, who identify as feminists, are trying to achieve. However I believe your comment is more likely to have been made in ignorance than with malice.

If you are interested instead in helping us to solve some of the problems women face in their involvement with Debian (with associated benefits for Debian) drop by the Debian Women project someday and ask us what we are really doing.

You are invited to be part of the solution...


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