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Re: New stable version after Sarge

On Tue, Jan 04, 2005 at 10:35:37PM +0000, Matthew Garrett wrote:

 > It shouldn't be forgotten that the biggest blocker after these things
 > is probably a general failure to actually care all that much. How
 > many people are actually behaving as if a release is just around the
 > corner?  How can we fix this?

 Talk to your leader.  He's a "persons" person (I recall some talk about
 motivating people and stuff like like during the elections).

 No, I don't really mean that seriously.  At least not the part about
 going to talk to Martin.

 It's a motivation problem.  Simple as that.  There's no cohesion.  I
 have the feeling there's too much "behind the scenes" talking taking
 place.  This mailing list is not even the shadow of what it used to be.
 There are hardly any really technical discussions taking place here.  I
 doubt someone can actually *learn* something from following d-d
 anymore[0].  That means this mailing list has become somewhat a burden,
 not something you can enjoy, which is the cornerstone of volunteer

 A release is a big motivation boost: it's something you can see,
 something you can point people to.  Ride on that wave.  Debian's
 problem, seen from the inside (you don't have to give a damn about what
 the Slashdot crowd says), is that we let that wave break, and there
 isn't another one coming behind it.


 [0] Besides learning that there is still people in this world who seem
     to think that feminism is actually a solution to something.  I am
     still amazed by that one.

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