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Re: New stable version after Sarge

Martin Schulze schreef:
Paul van der Vlis wrote:

At least that's been the case including sarge.  Hence, such
a sentence would not mean anything.

I can understand something like "Debian releases when it's ready", but many people have to work together. Maybe it's better to say: "a package releases when it's ready, but the deadline for the next Debian release is a fixed date".

What if the installer is broken at that time?

Normally a broken installer does not come into testing (ehm, I don't know for sure the installer is a normal package).

During the preparation of sarge there was a long time where the
installer didn't work as it should have.  Go read the archives.

What I saw was different: the new super-mega-new-installer was not ready.

For me, installing was never a big problem. You can use an old installer and update. And a special installation (e.g. on soft-raid) you can install first somewhere else and then copy it.

Installing an old version and upgrading to the current one is
completely out of discussion for a release.  You can always do that
with stable and testing.

If you can't install a stable release, it's broken.

Or the feature is missing in the installer.

(Not to compare
this with a failed installation of a super-mega-new piece of hardware
that isn't supported by the kernel yet).

Some of these hardware is not super-mega-new anymore...

What if the buildd network is busted at that time?
What if n library transitions are in progress at that time?
What if our archive suite lacks an important improvement which
 is a requirement for being able to maintain the new stable

When there is a fixed deadline you can plan such things better to be ready for the new release.

Go read the archives.  All three issues have happened  during the last
12 months altough sarge was supposed to "be released in December".

Maybe a little bit of planning would help?

Oh I forgot:

What if security support for a new release cannot be guaranteed at
 that time?

Same answer.

Go read the archives.  That's something that has delayed the woody
release and is delaying the release of sarge.

Same answer.

With regards,
Paul van de Vlis.

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