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Richard Stallman on radioActive sanDiego

This week on Resistance Remixed, DJ lotus will be interviewing Richard Stallman. They will be talking about the intersection of free software and politics, the free software movement as a radical social movement, software patents and the rise of information warfare and information control technologies and policies.

For more information on Richard Stallman, see http://www.stallman.org/
For more information on free software, see http://www.gnu.org
For a previous indymedia interview with Richard Stallman, see


Listen online at http://radioActiveradio.org on Thursday, January 6th @ 7pm, PST


Resitance, Remixed is an experiment in tactical audio production where DJ Lotus creates audio which is in itself an act of resistance. Resistance, remixed also looks for new forms of resistance all over the world in an effort to find new, effective ways of combating neo-liberalism and the religious right, while creating direct democracy.


radioActive SanDiego is a collective, non-hierarchical organization formed to pioneer a new internet radio station. We plan to build a model for the post-corporate, autonomous, community media of the future by offering revolutionary media production and distribution that creates positive social and economic change. RASD rejects the narrow formats of corporate-owned media and seeks to offer listeners a wide variety of styles and genres of media programming. We don't just report events, we participate in them!


radioActive sanDiego
love / solidarity / revolution // positive social change

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