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Re: murphy is listed on spamcop

On 2 Jan 2005, Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:

> My point was that you cannot justify the bad things that happen as a
> result of your actions by saying that your goals cannot be reached
> without such bad things happening.

However, the same could be said about the result of our *inactions*.

When bad things happens *anyway*, it's often a matter of deciding about
the least of two evils, so yes, sometimes a bad thing justifies an
action if such action avoids another thing which is much worse.

For example, implementing greylisting in master would be bad for you,
because you demand that mail is transmitted without any delay at all.

However, as greylisting would reduce the level of spam to 1/10th, by
not implementing it we are suffering from a much worse thing than
delaying email a little bit.

BTW: I've heard that alioth uses greylisting, does somebody know what
would it take to implement it in master as well?

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