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Re: murphy is listed on spamcop

Russell Coker <russell@coker.com.au> writes:

> That's not the point.  The point was that you are comparing the actions of a 
> scumbag (I am being nice) who deliberately caused the needless deaths of 
> hundreds of people from his own country with typical actions of a Unix 
> administrator (which do not cause any deaths.

Well, that wasn't *my* point.

My point was that you cannot justify the bad things that happen as a
result of your actions by saying that your goals cannot be reached
without such bad things happening.

This is true whether the bad things are false positives in email or
the deaths of hundreds of people.  Certainly deaths are worse, but I
wasn't comparing false positives to deaths. 

I was explaining why your style of excuse is never acceptible.  If
false positives are bad (and they are), they do not become less bad
because you cannot figure out how to avoid them and still achieve your


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