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Re: ITP reminder emails

> I'm curious if there is an interest for me to rerun this script.  I
> sent about 500 emails, 1 per opened ITP which had not been updated in
> over 4 months.  A sample is at [0].

Such script is a very good idea. However, please notify, that many ITPs 
are done by non-DDs. In this case the main reason for their inactivity is 
the lack of a sponsor.


M.Sc. Maciej Dems          maciej.dems@phys.p.lodz.pl
C o m p u t e r   P h y s i c s   L a b o r a t o r y
Institute of Physics,    Technical University of Lodz
ul. Wolczanska 219, 93-005 Lodz, Poland, +48426313649

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