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Re: Is anyone packaging `lame' ?

On Monday 27 December 2004 14:49, David Mandelberg wrote:
> cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis) wrote:
> > as current EU legislation explicitly forbids software-patents[1] none
> > of those are currently legal. _If_ we loose the current legaslitive
> > battle that might change, but sofar we seem to be winning (be it with
> > some close calls  countering the underhanded maneuvers of the
> > pro-patent lobby).
> Even though they're illegal, the amount of money it takes to *prove* that
> to a patent court is more than most F/OSS projects have.
IANAL, but _all_ software patents are _explicitly_ forbidden by current 
legislation (in the EU), anybody suing a software project for violating 
their patent is clearly saying their patent covers software. (and thus is 

Seems extremely clearcut to me, and I can't imagine it taking long (and thus 
costing much) to get this thrown out of court.
Cheers, cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis)
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