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Re: Is anyone packaging `lame' ?

* Andrew Suffield:

>> Fraunhofer is not the sole patent holder.  It even gets better: The
>> list of patents on mp3licensing.com (Thomson's official site on MP3)
>> is incomplete. 8-)
> All of these appear to be patents on encoding, or postprocessing (some
> of them also appear to be invalid). You probably can't have a patent
> on decoding in the EU.

You deleted the part about the patent on a transmission system
involving compression.  The relevant European patents are EP 0400755,
EP 0402973, EP 0599824 and EP 0660540.

I have some problems with the way they are being enforced against
distributors of MP3 players with an integrated storage device.  After
reading the claims, I'm not sure if they patent really covers such
players.  However, software players which can directly download via
HTTP (or a streaming protocol) are a bit more likely to infringe these
patents, IMHO.

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