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[volatile] status update


there has been some silent work on the volatile archive. Now, the
archive is ready to have some packages uploaded.

For including packages, the following strategy should work:

Please discuss the inclusion first (best here on -devel, or, if there
are too many requests, I'll splitt off a mailing list). After we agreed
to update a package, please upload it to volatile-master.debian.net,
with the usual path (and please use passive ftp). Please note that
volatile contains _no_ files that are not uploaded there, so please
always upload also the orig.tar.gz.

Technically, the packages should be targetted at woody-volatile; they
will however end up in woody-volatile-proposed until they are either
approved or rejected. Also, autobuilding is available for most

The rules for inclusion into volatile are still more or less the same as
at the last discussion:
* packages should only go in in cooperation with the maintainers;
* volatile is not "just another place" for backports, but should only
  contain changes to stable programs that are necessary to keep them
* It should allow any administrator to "just use" volatile, as they
  "just use" security.d.o, and they should be confident that nothing is
  broken by that;
* for bugs, the normal debian bug tracking system should be used.

One more thing from my side is that I want to discuss with "easy"
packages (where "easy" means: it's not so hard to decide whether they
should go in or not) - or in other words, it is IMHO a good reason to
temporary reject a package because it is too difficult to judge (and we
definitly will learn a lot of things at the beginning).

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