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Re: RFC: common database policy/infrastracture

On Mon, 20 Dec 2004, Karsten Hilbert wrote:

AFACT right now I think we should already transparently be
able to do this (eg. test and use if exist, --noadmin not
necessary). Actually trying will likely turn up a bug or two
but we'll deal with that easily. Our current code is intended
to a) accept an existing database, b) accept not needing to
create the database user that will own the GnuMed database, c)
try to continue working in case we cannot become root and/or
postgres in order to do a) or b) -- which isn't necessary
if a) and b) are done by dbconfig-common already.
Fine.  Trust me that I'll report any bug I might detect. ;-)

are these actual mysql/pgsql database users,
To be exact only pqsql because GnuMed does not work with MySQL.

If dbconfig-common creates gm-dbowner (which is a database
owner intended to own all GnuMed database objects and which has
create-db and create-user rights) that would be enough. We
would then just rely on that and create "our" users/groups
under that account. dbconfig-common would just need to make
sure the "gnumed" database is created such that it is owned by
I prefer this way to go.  Is there any change to the bootstrap script

Kind regards



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