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Re: Ignoring the truth or Hiding problems? (was: Are mails sent to xxxx <at> buildd.debian.org sent to /dev/null ?)

19.12.2004 pisze Ingo Juergensmann (ij@2004.bluespice.org):

> On Sat, Dec 18, 2004 at 04:56:51PM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
> > Ingo Juergensmann wrote:
> > > Why do you ignore the truth?
> > Why do you persistently insult those who are trying to carry on a
> > reasonable conversation?

> Who tries to carry out a conversation that could be insulted by me. The ones
> that might be insulted are silent as always. And that's the problem. 

Seeing your attitude, I'm no longer wondering why, Mr. Lone Ranger. Try
to communicate for a moment.


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