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Re: Bug#285768: dselect survey

On Wednesday 15 December 2004 09:01 am, Simon Richter wrote:
> aptitude could be taught to have "auto-installed" being Yes,No or
> Unknown. Whenever a package that is in "Unknown" state could be removed
> if it were only installed as a dependency, aptitude should list them in
> the "actions to be performed" view as being still installed and unknown
> whether they can be removed. Until I make a decision (which I am not
> forced to do at this moment) the package would reappear in this list
> everytime it could be deinstalled (i.e. until another package depending
> on it is installed or a decision is made).

  It seems like "Unknown" would just be a synonym for "No", right?  Presumably 
with a way to search for unknown packages (I think ~U isn't taken yet).


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