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Re: Linux Core Consortium

Ian Murdock dijo [Tue, Dec 14, 2004 at 11:53:54AM -0500]:
> The ISVs have spoken. They want to support as few ports as possible,
> because those ports cost money. They also want to support as much
> of the market as possible, and the current reality is that many of
> those markets are out of reach today. Beyond that, they don't care. If
> there's an open standard they can certify to and reach a broader
> market, they'll be very happy with that. If commercial Linux
> ends up being owned by Red Hat, they'll be fine with that too. I
> for one am hoping it doesn't come to that. The current reality seems
> like a pretty big opportunity to me to define a different future.

Ok, so with this you are stating that the only way to get the ISVs to
certify Debian is to gain market share. If by adhering to the LSB we
got no results then, how would you think that by adhering to the LCC
we would? Yes, it will be a bit simpler for them to have their
applications run natively on all LCC-certified distributions... But
they want to be sure to be able to guarantee to each of their users
the application will work just as they tested it. And LCC is just one
step, there is still a lot of components outside it. I really doubt
that the LCC will be enough to lure them in.

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