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Re: If you really want Free firmware...

On Tue, 2004-12-14 at 17:43 +0100, Jonas Meurer wrote:
> On 14/12/2004 Chasecreek Systemhouse wrote:
> > Personally I'm not buying it.  Hardware costs what it does for the
> > same reasons as software -- to advance the state of the art and to
> > create better hardware (or software as the case may be.)
> I personally don't think that the price of products in a capitalistic
> society is to advance creation of better hardware in general.
> it might be, that other reasons take into account here, as most people
> who determine the price of products don't know much about the products
> themselves.

The *price* of product has *nothing* to do with how much it *cost*
to create.  The price that someone is willing to pay for an item
is a function of it's *perceived* value to the purchaser.

That's why, unfortunately, sales and marketing are so important
in capitalist/"free market" systems: use S & M to convince the
consumer that they need the product, and will thus pay more than,
for example, "cost of goods sold + 8% profit".

Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson, LA USA
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