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Fwd: greek translation in DDTP

Hello all,

Anyone (with the appropriate permissions) that could help with setting up the 
greek language for DDTP? (Michael Bramer hasn't responded to the following 
email yet)

PS. Please CC me as I'm not subscribed in debian-devel


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Subject: greek translation in DDTP
Date: Sunday 12 December 2004 01:54
From: Serafeim Zanikolas <serzan@hellug.gr>
To: grisu@debian.org


I'm interested in translating the Debian package descriptions in greek, as 
part of the DDTP. I can see that there is no greek
team in this project, so I'm willing to act as a coordinator/translator and
try to attract more people.

I'll be waiting for instructions on how to proceed.

On a technical side, should the translations be in iso-8859-7 or UTF


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