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Re: If you really want Free firmware...

Andrew Suffield wrote:
There is absolutely no reason why any money is needed for this. Design the damn thing.
My personal EE skill is insufficient for the task. I can help someone else get it done.

Regarding how much money it takes, it's a matter of how soon we want it. I've no doubt that if we wait, someone will eventually do the design in a gate-array. However, I've been waiting for a few years, and there is no viable candidate yet. Sometimes we have to work harder than we would like to bootstrap stuff, and I am considering that this may be one of those cases.

My feeling is that this project would have to be carried to the point that a full-custom design is fabricated and samples that are verified to work correctly using the same IC process that we would use for a full wafer. Once that happens, it would be viable for companies to invest in a full wafer fabrication using the same process.

The price list for Mosis is here. There might be a need for more than one turn at Mosis before we get it right.



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