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Re: Pre-Depends on emacs21? Re: cedet-common: breaks other packages in batch mode

On Sat, Dec 11, 2004 at 11:25:49AM -0800, Steve Langasek wrote:
> Bug #270388 regards the cedet-common package breaking emacs -batch.  A
> proposed fix in the bug report is for cedet-common to Pre-Depend on emacs21
> | emacsen instead of depending on it.
> An NMU based on this proposed fix has already been uploaded to the DELAYED
> queue by Henning Glawe without first discussing on debian-devel as required
> by policy.  I'm therefore posting this message to get a reasonable set of
> eyeballs on this issue.

Thank you for mailing this before any damage has been done; the NMU is now 
removed from the DELAYED queue (I double-checked policy section 7, but
overread the Pre-Depends has-to-be-discussed statement in 3.5, so this was
really an error I made).

> For my part, I think a Pre-Depends here is crude and inappropriate, as other

As I wrote in the changelog: it is a work-around and not a real fix.

> comments in the log suggest to me that this is a remediable bug in
> cedet-common's startup code; but I haven't dug into it far enough to say for
> sure.

The proposed work-around in the BTS was submitted by me in october (after
building a package using Pre-Depends locally and using it since then for our
local batch installations). There was no response from the maintainer, and
after mailing him via PM I did the NMU to the 7-days-delayed queue (which, I
repeat, is now removed).

c u

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