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Re: Linux Core Consortium

Op vr, 10-12-2004 te 12:50 +0100, schreef Michael Banck:
> *** The interested parties of the LCC should pick Debian as a base and
> Debian should make this possible. ***
> Rather than everybody just throwing all their stuff in together and
> mixing it up. 
> Of course, this would also mean for Debian to change. Debian is free
> and solid today, but not predictable. Thus:
>  * We should commit to strict release cylces of a base system others
>    (and Debian itself) can build value upon.

IOW, split off the release of the base system, and make it some entity
that stands by itself. Hmm, isn't that what LCC suggests we do?

>  * We should proabably also commit to a set of core architectures which
>    *need* to be bug-free on release, while the rest *should* be, but
>    would not delay the release.

This isn't necessary, unless you can show me one release which was
delayed because a certain architecture wasn't in shape.

>  * We should look into having a reality-check with respect to licensing
>    and the way we treat each other.

You'll have to explain this one to me.

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