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Re: dselect survey

Miles Bader <miles@lsi.nec.co.jp> wrote:
> The current aptitude, by contrast, seems both powerful and elegant: it
> rarely gets in my way, deals well with problem situations, and offers
> powerful features should I want them (aptitude of years past could also
> be kinda cranky though).

The last time I used aptitude (about six months ago, from Testing), I
found it difficult to specify how I wanted dependencies (including
recommends and suggests) to be satisfied. I like that fact that when I
select a package in dselect which has several ways of satisfying its
dependencies, dselect lets me choose what gets installed. Just because a
package depends on a web server doesn't mean I want apache installed.
While aptitude does tell you what it's going to install, and gives you
an opportunity to change it, I couldn't get it to give me a list of
acceptable alternatives. I am willing to accept that this might just be
down to my own stupidity though.


(Sorry if I've broken the thread; I'm reading the web archive.)

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