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Re: Is Debian a common carrier? Was: package rejection

Tim Cutts <timc@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:

> I could be wrong, but Debian is occasionally used and distributed by
> people outside the USA.  Making any argument in this thread with
> reference solely to US law is irrelevant to the problems at hand.

I was answering a claim about US law; I was not the one who introduced

Yet what you say next contradicts the above quote:

> To be honest I really don't see what the problem is here.  Content
> which is illegal to distribute in pretty much any significant market
> should be kept off the first CD, and probably shouldn't be in main.

So that means that reference to US law certainly is relevant, since
the United States is a "significant market".

Never mind, the principle you suggest is not Debian's current rule,
and if you want it to be adopted, you should follow the normal way,
not just declare that it is somehow obviously the right rule.  So how
about you take the discussion to debian-project where it belongs, and
prepare a suitable GR or other policy instrument to change our
policies, or lobby the release manager, or do one of those things?


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